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That's very nice and cool to fly around and hop, congratulations !

Wow! I love the aesthetics and audio int the game! Well done!

Cute game. The flyng mechanics work pretty good and the ambience is also nice (love the music).

This was really nice!

The best part was how you switched up the ending as a sort of tongue-in-cheek response. Loved it! It was great on the eyeballs as well, and perfect choice of music.

Included your game in a short showcase for a few games from the gamejam. Enjoy!


Wow, thanks for showing my game in this vid! That's super cool. It was really interesting to see someone else play my game, you revealed an issue my game has. You can hold right click to fly but if you stop holding it you glide towards the mouse. It is a lot easier to land in this mode but I didn't make that clear. I was already going to add some in-game instructions but I definitely need to make sure I emphasise gliding. I really don't like tutorials though so I'll need to think about what would be a good way to relay that information to the player. Thanks again for highlighting my game!

PLZ MAKE A downloadable version

Will do. I'll add a Windows and Linux version next time I add a build which will probably be tomorrow or the day after. Originally it was only downloadable but I had a silly problem where I didn't test my builds before releasing them :/

Cute little game you have here.

Thank you very much!