Created for the xkcd Game Jam, based on XKCD #1434: Where Do Birds Go

Recommend Full Screen. Mouse 1 to hop around, Mouse 2 to flap your wings. You'll glide if in the air and not flapping your wings. Find a dry place!

There has been a huge post-jam update, read all about it here!

I was hoping to have a larger and less barren play area with multiple endings but once I lost over 10 hours of time to other events that plan went out the window. However, considering the time constraints I'm really happy that the flight physics works so well. 

I intend to do a bit more work on this later so please comment with any suggestions or bugs. 

Birds are very sensitive to the slightest changes in barometric pressure and temperature. This early warning allows them to look around and consider their options when a storm is approaching.
Some simply leave an area and avoid the worst of a rainstorm. Those that don't evacuate find somewhere secure to ride it out like a sturdy inside branch of a tree.
They have automatically clenching tendons on their toes that hold them firmly in place. They may wobble in a high wind, but they won't let go of the branch.
Each toe is connected to a cord inside the leg. When the leg is bent, the cords stretch tight and pull the toes around the branch. It takes more energy to leave the perch than to stay there.
This toe clenching also protects them while they're asleep from an embarrassing tumble out of a tree.
Robins and other ground feeding songbirds tend to burrow inside of thick hedges or brush piles to wait out a storm. They often sit in groups, especially when there are fledglings in the family.
Storms like Hurricane Sandy just two years ago, left hundreds of thousands of birds dead or orphaned. Since most Atlantic hurricanes happen in August-November, they coincide with bird migration and severely disrupt this process. Birds are blown off course and forced to land where there's no food or they're too battered to survive once they reach a safe place.
Some birds have no choice but to stay and ride out the storms as best they can. There's a federally protected breeding area located on a beach near me that was severely damaged by the last big storm and many endangered and threatened birds were lost along with their habitat.
If you want to help out the birds in your yard you can put up roosting boxes, bird houses or just build a simple brush pile for them.
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Made withInkscape, Blender, Unity, Audacity
Tagsflat-shading, Flight, xkcdgamejam
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That's very nice and cool to fly around and hop, congratulations !

Wow! I love the aesthetics and audio int the game! Well done!

Cute game. The flyng mechanics work pretty good and the ambience is also nice (love the music).

This was really nice!

The best part was how you switched up the ending as a sort of tongue-in-cheek response. Loved it! It was great on the eyeballs as well, and perfect choice of music.

Included your game in a short showcase for a few games from the gamejam. Enjoy!


Wow, thanks for showing my game in this vid! That's super cool. It was really interesting to see someone else play my game, you revealed an issue my game has. You can hold right click to fly but if you stop holding it you glide towards the mouse. It is a lot easier to land in this mode but I didn't make that clear. I was already going to add some in-game instructions but I definitely need to make sure I emphasise gliding. I really don't like tutorials though so I'll need to think about what would be a good way to relay that information to the player. Thanks again for highlighting my game!

PLZ MAKE A downloadable version

Will do. I'll add a Windows and Linux version next time I add a build which will probably be tomorrow or the day after. Originally it was only downloadable but I had a silly problem where I didn't test my builds before releasing them :/

Cute little game you have here.

Thank you very much!